Customized Audit Programs

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Our Customized Audit Programs

Textile manufacturers face growing demands for top-notch, eco-friendly products in a healthy work environment. Managing risks in textile production requires quality control inspections and audits at every stage. Sibpk, with its 40-year expertise in the textile sector, offers tailor-made solutions for protecting brand reputation and ensuring high-quality products. Their comprehensive services include third-party textile inspections, factory and supplier audits, social compliance audits, ISO 14001 audits, and supplier management services, catering to the industry’s key challenges.

Manufacturing Audits and Advisory

Embrace our all-inclusive approach to enhance your supply chain performance:

1- Manufacturing Process Audits
2- Process Improvement
3- Production Capacity Analysis (Run & Rate)
4- Quality Investigation (root cause investigation of a defective product)
5- Root Cause Analysis
6- Corrective Action Follow-Up
7- Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
8- Continuous Improvement

At Sibpk, we provide end-to-end solutions to optimize your operations and achieve sustainable growth.

Why Sibpk?



At Sibpk, we view your company and suppliers as true partners in pursuit of growth and improvement. Our approach goes beyond providing pass/fail results; we offer expert recommendations, facilitation, and performance management to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Together, we strive for excellence and success.


Quality Dashboard

Sibpk quality dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your supplier portfolio, complete with data analytics to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions for the next steps required in managing your suppliers. It provides a user-friendly and strategic tool to enhance supplier performance and overall quality management.


Experience & Expertise

Sibpk has overseen successful supplier transformation projects which have helped companies from the textile industry achieve their quality goals.


Global Presence

Sibpk has agile teams of textile engineers in more than 27+ countries ready to meet your quality assurance needs for projects ranging from a quality inspection of textile to a comprehensive audit.

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