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Our Environmental Compliance Audits

At SIBPK, we understand the importance of environmental compliance  for manufacturers. The roots of these audits can be traced back to the 1970s when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States began requiring chemical companies to keep records of their chemical production and usage after several chemical spills occurred. Nowadays, environmental compliance audits have become a standard practice across industries and nations, including all companies, regardless of their production type. These audits are essential to assess and ensure compliance with environmental regulations, safety standards, and ethical responsibilities.

Environmental Compliance Audit

Global Environmental Audit: This comprehensive audit addresses all environmental and safety violations at a specific facility. Manufacturers seeking environmental compliance are required to undergo this audit by an accredited auditing body. Programmatic Environmental Audit: This type of audit focuses on a particular area or violation, such as groundwater contamination, connected to the facility. It is recommended for addressing immediate concerns and ensuring ISO 14001 compliance. During our environmental audits, our skilled auditors look for compliance violations classified as “near losses” or “losses.” Near losses refer to potential environmental or worker harm situations, while losses are situations already causing harm.  

Compliance Audits In Several Ways

Manufacturers benefit from our environmental compliance in several ways



Legal Compliance

Audits ensure companies legally comply with environmental regulations, avoiding fines and corrective actions.


Guidance and Improvement

Proactive companies view audits as an opportunity for guidance and continuous improvement in environmental protection.


Top-Down Analysis

Our audits focus on top management involvement, identifying root problems and strategic solutions to drive impactful changes.

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