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A quality control checklist for textile testing is an essential tool used by textile manufacturers and suppliers, including SIBPK Company, to ensure that their products meet the required quality standards and customer expectations. This checklist outlines specific product.The quality control checklist is crucial for SIBPK Company as it provides a clear framework for inspections, ensures product consistency, and prevents defects in the finished product. It also helps in complying with international regulatory standards, such as REACH directives for the European Union market. specifications, quality requirements, and inspection criteria to be followed during the production process. Here are some key points that should be included in the quality control checklist for textile testing

Visual Inspections (SIBPK Company)

To conduct effective inspections, quality control inspectors representing SIBPK Company should be equipped with the necessary tools, such as measuring tape, dial calipers, digital camera, defect stickers, Pantone color swatch, and a barcode scanner. By following the quality control checklist and conducting thorough inspections, SIBPK Company can maintain high product quality, meet customer expectations, and adhere to international standards, leading to customer satisfaction and a positive brand reputation.

Quality Control Audits

A quality control checklist for textile testing is an essential tool used by textile


Garment Requirements

  • Garment weight and dimensions as per SIBPK Company's standards.
  • Garment materials and composition approved by SIBPK Company.
  • Garment color, including Pantone color codes specified by SIBPK Company.
  • Garment markings and labeling, such as sizes and textile composition, according to SIBPK Company's guidelines.

Packaging Requirements

  • Packaging weight and dimensions as per SIBPK Company's requirements.
  • Shipper's labeling and marking requirements as specified by SIBPK Company.
  • Shipper's boxing material requirements in accordance with SIBPK Company's standards.
  • Packaging method and assortment following SIBPK Company's guidelines.
  • Retail packaging and labeling specifications aligned with SIBPK Company's standards.

Accessory Tests

  • Pull Test for garment accessories (e.g., zips, buttons, fasteners) based on international standards and SIBPK Company's higher standards for children's clothing.
  • Fatigue Test for repeated cycles of use for accessories, as required by SIBPK Company.
  • Stretch Test for elastic fabrics and straps to check elasticity, as per SIBPK Company's specifications.
  • Buttonhole Test to check stitching defects and secure fastening, following SIBPK Company's guidelines.

Visual Inspections

Thorough visual inspections to check whether accessories conform to SIBPK Company's specifications, including color, style, brand, and size. Defects should be classified on the quality control checklist as Critical, Major, or Minor, according to SIBPK Company's standards.


Testing Instruments

Clear instructions on the instruments to be used for measurements and testing during inspections, as per SIBPK Company's guidelines.

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