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Brands and retailers in the fashion and textiles industry are facing growing demands for sustainability and transparency from various stakeholders. At Sibpk, we understand the importance of innovation, transparency, and a solid sustainable business model to address industry-wide issues and drive sustainable performance. As trusted advisors to some of the most well-known clothing companies globally, our team’s expertise and experience across the entire value chain enable us to guide our clients on a strategic pathway to sustainability and success. We forge productive, long-lasting relationships with our clients, focusing on delivering sustainability agendas that have lasting, positive impacts.

Homeware Sustainability Consulting

With extensive knowledge in the sector, we cater to a wide range of apparel, textiles, footwear, and homeware clients, ranging from fast-growing online retailers to luxury players and independent brands. Our experts are actively engaged in initiatives like the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and the Textile Exchange, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices. At Sibpk, we offer a proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions for fashion, textiles, footwear, and homeware clients in various areas, including The Fashion and Textiles industry holds significant influence across the value chain, resulting in substantial responsibilities and opportunities for positive change. At Sibpk, we understand these impacts and aim to be a reliable partner in helping brands, retailers, and industry players take practical, measurable action towards sustainability.

Providing A Full Suite Of Services


Strategy Development and Target Setting

We assist in setting sustainable goals and creating strategies to achieve them.


Responsible Chemical Management

Our expertise ensures responsible chemical practices and sustainable use of materials.


Sustainable Products and Fibers

We guide clients in adopting sustainable products and eco-friendly fibers.


Environmental and Social Issues

Addressing environmental and social concerns in supply chains is a priority for us.


Circular Economy and Waste Solutions

We advocate for circular economy principles and provide waste management solutions.



 For sustainable product design assessments and operational footprints.


Clean CO2

A carbon management tool for offsetting and reducing carbon footprints.



Anthesis Compliance Data Collection, a tool for efficient data exchange and reuse of declarations across the supply chain.


Supply Shift

A leading software tool for collecting supply chain data and driving action on sustainability and ESG performance.

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