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Brands and retailers are experiencing mounting pressure from a diverse range of stakeholders, such as the media, consumers, NGOs, investors, and governments, to actively pursue sustainability objectives. To remain competitive in the industry, companies must embrace innovation and transparency throughout their value chain while considering the perspectives of all stakeholders. Adopting a robust and sustainable business model becomes essential in addressing company-wide and sector-wide issues, leading to improved sustainable performance.

Our team serves as trusted advisors to numerous renowned clothing companies worldwide. Leveraging our expertise and extensive experience across the entire value chain, and fueled by a genuine passion for the industry.

The Anthesis Way

The Fashion and Textiles industry holds immense power to shape impacts throughout its value chain, presenting both significant responsibilities and opportunities for positive, transformative change. However, in a landscape where misinformation abounds, it becomes challenging for businesses to identify trustworthy partners who can help them grasp their impacts and the potential for making a difference. At Anthesis, we stand by our commitment to support brands, retailers, and other industry players in implementing tangible and measurable sustainability initiatives across their operations and value chain. Our practical and collaborative approach empowers businesses to take proactive steps towards achieving their sustainability goals and making a meaningful contribution to a more sustainable future.


Tools to Support the Apparel Sector



  • Footprinter provides comprehensive support to clients through various services, encompassing sustainable product design assessments and operational level footprints.
  • The software is utilized by esteemed companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Target, and Pepsico, demonstrating its credibility and effectiveness in sustainability practices.

Supply Shift

  • A top-notch software tool specializing in data collection from supply chains.
  • It plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and ESG performance.
  • The tool effectively drives action towards achieving sustainability goals within organizations.

Clean CO2

  • The tool guides users step-by-step in neutralizing their company's activities and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Achieving carbon neutrality becomes attainable through investment in emission reduction projects, including energy efficiency, renewable energies, and carbon sinks.


  • Anthesis Compliance Data Collection offers a free spreadsheet-based tool.
  • The tool aims to overcome barriers to efficient data exchange within the supply chain.
  • It facilitates the easy sharing and reuse of declarations among various stakeholders.
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