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Ethical audit standards are crucial for modern businesses as consumers, governments, and NGOs increasingly demand transparency and responsible practices throughout supply chains. Social accountability plays a vital role in a company’s sourcing and marketing strategy, ensuring better product quality, fostering consumer loyalty, and emphasizing good corporate citizenship. Sibpk offers comprehensive ethical audit programs that align with international standards, a company’s in-house specifications, or their own Best-In-Class Protocol. If a company already has a social accountability program in place, Sibpk can customize their existing ethical audit programs to suit specific needs and ensure supplier compliance. Sibpk’s professionally certified auditors can conduct ethical audits according to major internationally recognized social audit standards, including SMETA, amfori BSCI, ETI, RJC, ICS, Higg FSLM, and WRAP.

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By engaging with Sibpk, the SIBPK Company can benefit from custom compliance dashboards, data downloads for reporting standards, in-depth local knowledge, expert auditors, global coverage, continuous improvement approaches, and online program management for audits and reporting.

In conclusion, mandatory due diligence is essential for companies like the SIBPK Company to meet regulatory requirements, ensure sustainability, and uphold responsible business practices throughout their supply chains. Partnering with Sibpk can help them navigate this journey effectively and make a positive impact on their operations and the broader industry.

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Services And Solutions

To support companies in their journey towards meeting mandatory due diligence requirements, Sibpk offers a range of services and solutions


Toolkits and Training

Sibpk helps develop and implement ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and due diligence strategies.


Supply Chain Mapping

Sibpk  provides visibility in the supply chain by mapping beyond tier 1 suppliers using self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ).


Risk Assessment

Sibpk assists in identifying and reducing ESG risks through comprehensive Risk Dashboards.


ESG and Due Diligence Audits

Sibpk  conducts environmental and chemical audits, ethical audits encompassing human rights and forced labor, and structural and fire safety audits to ensure responsible business practices.



Grievance Mechanism

Sibpk helps integrate worker surveys and implements worker hotlines and remediation activities for a more worker-centric audit approach.


Traceability Services

 Sibpk enables tracking and authenticity assurance of raw materials through various methods such as PO-by-PO mapping, traceability audits, DNA marker tracing, and isotope provenance testing.

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