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Our Social Compliance Audits

At SIBPK, we offer comprehensive social compliance audit services to ensure that your suppliers are not abusing their workers and are complying with local labor laws and ethical standards. Our audits are conducted by independent and trained auditors who follow international standards to ensure transparency and impartiality.A failed social compliance audit can occur if certain violations are discovered, such as child labor, forced labor, safety hazards, physical abuse, or bribery. At SIBPK, we are committed to ensuring that your suppliers meet social and ethical responsibilities and comply with health and safety regulations and labor laws.

Social Compliance Audit

Large brands need social compliance audits to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and ensure that their supply chains are free from human rights violations. In today’s world, where information spreads rapidly, any negative news related to a brand’s supply chain can have severe and lasting effects on its reputation and sales. By conducting social compliance audits and taking proactive measures to address any issues, companies can protect their brand reputation, comply with regulations, and show their commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. SIBPK is here to support your efforts in achieving social compliance and ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in your supply chain.

Social Compliance Audit

The key procedures included in our social compliance audit are as follows


Opening Meeting

During this meeting, auditors explain the purpose of the visit to the facility's managers and specify the time for the audit to begin. The factory manager and human resource personnel should be present, and auditors ensure that the audit is conducted within the specified timeframe.


Health & Safety Tour

Our auditors conduct a thorough walkthrough of the facility to assess physical working conditions and identify any health and safety issues. They inspect the production area, warehouse, canteen, and dormitories if applicable.


Employee Documentation Review

We meticulously go through employment records and related documents to verify compliance with labor regulations. This includes reviewing employee attendance records, payroll records, employment contracts, social insurance payments, and more.


Employee Interviews

Our auditors conduct voluntary and private interviews with employees selected at random to gain insights into their working and living conditions. This gives employees the opportunity to voice any grievances or concerns.


Closing Meeting

At the end of the audit, auditors meet with facility management to discuss any non-compliance issues and suggest corrective actions. A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is then signed by the facility's manager.

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