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Our Ethical Sourcing and Traceability

Ethical audit standards are crucial for modern businesses as consumers, governments, should and NGOs increasingly demand transparency and responsible practices throughout supply chains. Social accountability plays a vital role in a company’s sourcing and marketing strategy, ensuring better product quality, fostering consumer loyalty, and emphasizing good corporate citizenship. Sibpk offers comprehensive ethical audit programs that align with international standards, a company’s in-house specifications, or their own Best-In-Class Protocol provide this service. 

Audit Protocol Developed

The Best-In-Class Ethical Audit Protocol developed by Sibpk combines the best practices of existing standards with their vast experience in conducting audits. The on-site process includes an opening meeting, factory tour, document review, worker interviews (group and individual), and a closing meeting with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) review. Supplier workshops educate suppliers about the audit program and facilitate compliance. Worker interviews are conducted with transparency and honesty, utilizing voice stress analysis and cross-checking information to detect any deception or inconsistencies. Factory staff are also given an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback

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Services And Solutions

To support companies in their journey towards meeting mandatory due diligence requirements, Sibpk offers a range of services and solutions


Hygiene, Health, and Safety

Sibpk helps develop and implement ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and due diligence strategies.


Waste Management

Assessing the factory's waste management practices to minimize environmental impact.


Child and Young Labor

Ensuring compliance with child and young labor laws, guaranteeing workers are of legal working age


Labor Practices

Assessing various labor practices, including forced labor, worker representation, disciplinary practices, and discrimination.


Working Hours and Wages

Assessing the factory's waste management practices to minimize environmental impact.

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