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The role of a Compliance Auditor has become increasingly lucrative in today’s business landscape. Whether you aspire to be a Third-Party Auditor or a Buyer’s Auditor, this course will equip you with the necessary skills to conduct effective Compliance audits.Please note that the company Sibpk offers this comprehensive compliance audit course to help individuals excel in the field of compliance auditing and contribute to building sustainable and responsible supply chains.

Who should Attend The Course?

This course is designed for Compliance Managers, Executives, Officers, and other personnel involved in HR and Compliance-related roles. It is suitable for individuals who aim to become Social Compliance Auditors in Third-Party auditing companies or work with buyers to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop professional management skills for achieving organizational goals. Methodology The course will be conducted using various instructional methods, including:

1. Instructional Talks 
2. Power Point Presentations 
3. Use of Flash Cards

4. Case Studies
5. Video Films
6. Participatory Discussions and Group Work

Main Object In This Course

The main objectives of this course are as follows


To enhance the capabilities of Compliance Auditors, Managers, Officers, Administration, HR Officers, and Executives.


To create job opportunities in international buying offices and the garment industry.


To share the experiences gained from this course with other exporting industries and commercial organizations.


To strengthen the capacity of factories in terms of advanced compliance practices.


To understand the requirements of various buyer's codes.


To be able to write comprehensive Audit Reports and devise Corrective Action Plans.

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